Modern Zebra

Tough yet Feminine. This was a concept for my freshman year in Interior Design.

We were taught that, by theory, straight edgy lines are more associated to masculinity and curves are to femininity. I challenged this by coming up with a design proposal that has zero curves, yet still looks feminine.

Dining Area Sign

I used the same concept for fashion, wearing a vest, usually for men, with a hot pink skater skirt. Voila! You see an interpretation of an interior into fashion! That’s one thing I love about design. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, or what materials are used; Design is Design.

Pink Skirt Blog 4-2Pink Skirt Blog 2-2



Bayo vest | bandeau and skirt from DivisoriaGrendha sandals | bag from The Ramp CrossingsGuess watch



Because great style does not need to be pricey. 😉

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