When someone mentions Bohol, most people first think of the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, but there is more to Bohol than those two. Here are five more things to do in Bohol…

1 Check out Old Churches

It is unfortunate that an earthquake back in 2013 severely damaged the iconic churches in Bohol. Fortunately, there are still churches that remain functional. One of these is St. Augustine Church in Panglao. The exterior is under restoration but the interior is still majestic as it once was.


2 Explore Hinagdanan Cave

My dad is from Bohol and he shared childhood stories about a cave out of nowhere that leads to an underground body of water where he and his brothers swim. My dad’s almost 60 now and through the years, this “out of nowhere” lagoon became a tourist destination in Bohol.


3 Go Island Hopping

There are two smaller islands near Bohol – Balicasag and Pamilacan Islands – that are worth hopping on a boat for to go swimming and snorkeling.


4 Visit Bohol Shiphaus

There is a building in Batuan, Bohol that looks like a ship, both outside and inside. Every angle is a photo op, but the highlight, at least for me, is pretending to be a captain in the ship simulator on the third floor. Most people come here for a short tour but they have offer accommodation if you want to extend your nautical experience.


5 Feed Monkeys

In Bilar, about an hour away from Tagbilaran, is where you can meet and feed wild monkeys. Stop at the nearby market to buy bananas and go to Magsaysay Park. Experience a very raw interaction, but be careful because there’s nothing and no one between you and the monkeys.

Also on your way there, pass by the Man-Made Forest and see how far human efforts can go to give back to mother nature.

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Where to Stay?

Be Grand Resort is in Bohol’s famous beach area, Panglao. The large property offers numerous areas to chill. Beach lounges, large bean bags, and relaxation pods are scattered throughout the resort, making it very ideal for beach bumming.


So if you plan to visit Bohol next time, stay longer! There are so much more to see!


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