Marlboro Country

In my bucket list, I have one entry that says ‘live in at least three cities away from home for at least a month’.. When I travel, there are places that I truly love and these are the ones I put in my ‘live-here’ list. I already listed two and for so long, I haven’t seen one place that would fill in number three, until I’ve been to Marlboro Country in Batanes.

Yeah, Batanes is amazing and I realized that even before our plane landed. Seeing it from above is already stunning. But it was when we spent a few hours at Marlboro Country that I said to myself I have to live here.
The endless mountains, the cliff overlooking the bridge, the wind.. I just want to lie on the grass and I don’t know, just be there. The place has an aura or vibe or whatever that makes you just want to relax, actually more than relax..forget the world, perhaps? It’s as if living in a totally different dimension, a place where time doesn’t matter. I could stay there for hours and feel like it’s just been minutes..
I sound like I’m babbling; I just can’t express what those mountains made me feel. I guess you’d have to go there yourself and maybe help me put the experience into words? 🙂


Forest Shells – a Batanes delicacy served at Marlboro Country


How about you? What do you have on your bucket lists?

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