Baon and The Value of Practice

lThe first post of my home-cooking adventures!

I cooked a meal to bring to school – baon. 🙂
It’s rice topped with fried pork belly and egg scramble. Looks simple, right? Maybe it is, but not for me. I actually did the first egg wrong so I did it again. 2nd try’s fine for a beginner.. 🙂
Rice – I cooked the rice fine this time. Do you know that rice expands, sort of, when it’s cooked? I prepared one cup of rice grains (is that what you call bugas in english? haha) and it ended up to be about 2 cups of cooked rice. I had a hard time finishing it in school. haha.
Fried Pork Belly – This is a cheat. I bought the ones already marinated so it obviously tastes good. Haha. One thing about frying, you need to have a shield or else you’d be spattered with heated cooking oil. It’s like ants having a biting spree on your arms.
Egg Scramble – I wanted to make an omelet. It looks so easy when I see people in buffets do it. They make flipping the egg and rolling it look way easier than it really is! Training.
That’s how it is most of the time – training and practice. First you have to be taught the right way it should be done then it’s your job to practice it yourself. You could actually take that generally.
My professor told us in class that school doesn’t teach you to become a master. They’re teachers not genies! They just teach you the basics, the things you need to know, and it’s up to you to make a master of yourself and develop your own style or version. You can’t just ask them to make you become good at something, you have to work on it!
Yes, failure is inevitable but you can’t just stop when you fail. Do it again and again – that’s practice – and eventually, you will improve and maybe soon you can do it with your eyes closed. haha. Don’t be afraid of failing. The more you fail on your way to the top, the sweeter your victory becomes. :))
All skills could be learned. Good news is… cooking is a skill! I’d be able to do it right in the future. No giving up. The loser of all losers are the ones who give up. ( or the ones who haven’t tried at all? ooh. What a thought. That’s interesting.) Anyways.. My point is, just don’t give up, follow me on my struggle towards becoming a cook. I won’t give up on cooking so don’t give up whatever you’re doing right now. We can do this!
Angel <3

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