Davao City Guide for Every Foodie

Davao City is rich with culture which is why a lot of people all over the country (and the world!) come to visit. There are several places for sightseeing and a lot more places to go that serve good food. This is a list of recommended restaurants around the city for every kind of foodie.

For the Titas:

Titas go out to for the chika. You’ll see them at sophisticated restaurants with good food on the table but they gossip more than they eat. If you’re a tita who wants to get the juiciest news with the yummiest food to go with it, these are the places to go:

Brunch: Glasshouse Coffee (1.3km, 4min drive)

This is the perfect spot for the gossiping titas because it’s hidden from the street so you can gather for the weekly chismis without anyone knowing. The outdoor seating is perfect for sharing those top-secret gossip, making sure the tables next to you don’t hear any of it. You should give your mouth a rest from laughing and use it to try their Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bagel with your favorite coffee for a very yummy hearty brunch.

Coffee: Zandro’s Café (1.5km, 5min drive)

Zandro’s is almost like a hole in the wall coffee shop, a very pretty hole in the wall. It’s far from “pedestrian” traffic so you don’t have to worry about people spotting you with the other titas. Their menu is very creative with California-inspired names. I’d say everything on their item is a must-try but if I have to play favorites, I’d choose Malibu, Orange County, or California Adventure.

If you want to take the chismisan to the next level, do it over some mani-pedi sesh! Zandro’s is right next to Blissful Glam Nail Spa, which have “booths” with curtains so you can continue the chismis with privacy.

Dinner & Drinks: Omerta Bistro + Bar (2.1km, 7min drive)

This is the one place the titas want to be seen. All dressed up for dinner at this beautiful rooftop restaurant, getting served the yummiest food and the most amazing cocktails with views of the city. This is how the titas end their day. People see you and try to eavesdrop but all the tea has been dropped earlier so no one gets anything from you. Keep them wondering how you never talk about the latest news yet you’re somehow ALWAYS updated. If you want to be even more private, they have a function room at their loft which is perfect for intimate gatherings.

I literally ordered every entrée in their menu for my birthday and these are my top picks: Lengua in Mushroom Sauce, Zarsuela de Mariscos, Porchetta, Callos a la Madrilena, and if you somehow still have space for dessert, the Chocolate Cigars are really to die for. I can eat it every day for the rest of my life.


For the Barkada

These are those who slave away at work and meet each other for dinner and drinks. Affordable food close to the city center (where work is) is the best place for them.

Dinner: Roxas Night Market (270m, 3min walk)

Nothing like a good barbecue after a long day at work. And this is where you’ll find all the food you just HAVE to try like strawberry buchi, charcoal ice cream, and fried “proben”. Don’t even ask me what this last one is because I honestly don’t know. I’m not even sure I spelled that right. Haha. I just know it’s chicken (I hope it’s really chicken…) and it’s good!

Drinks: The Lounge by Red Corner (1.6km, 5min drive)

After you get filled with all kinds of food, head on to this bar and drink the night away. They play good music and if you come in early and make it to their happy hour, you can have Buy 1 Get 1 margaritas and 5+1 beer. Their Blueberry Margarita is my personal favorite! I swear I could finish a full pitcher if no one stops me.

After-drinks munchies: Bankerohan Public Market (2.4km, 9min drive)

Yes, the public market, but hear me out. It’s THE place to go after drinks. It doesn’t matter if you had drinks at the swankiest place in the city or at the tindahan around the corner. Everyone comes here to get sober, or at least try. They have all the soups you can think of – Bulalo, Hinalang, Balbacua, Sinigang, everything! There’s nothing like good soup to get you sober before you head home.


For the ‘Grammers:

The ‘grammers go out to “eat” but they’re usually not hungry at all. They restaurant-hop around the city not for the food, but for photos. If you’re a grammer who wants yummy food to go with the pretty photos, this list is where you should go.

Breakfast: Omotown Breakfast Club (1.7km, 6min drive)

This place has a unique aesthetic, something you won’t find in Davao very often. It’s so cute and the food is just as good. Get the Tocilog and the Champorado and you’ll enjoy every bit of it, and make sure you get those photos before you leave!

Lunch: Tola sa Balay Oboza (1.3km, 4min drive)

The restaurant is in an ancestral house that’s been restored to its original details. The place is very different from what new restaurants look like so you’ll have a great time taking photos around the restaurant while you wait for some Filipino comfort food with a twist. Try their Crispy Palabok and Sisig and you will never regret it.

Coffee: Fourth Street

This secret gem is hard to find, literally. It’s located in the center of the city but it’s along an alley and with practically no signs. The interior aesthetic is very minimalist and their coffee creations are very unique! From their list of “innovators”, I tried Summer, which is a mix of espresso, water, lemon syrup and apple slices and it is a wildly yummy combination.

Dinner: The Basement Gastropub (1km, 3min drive)

You can feel like you’re in Seoul if you go to Basement 2D Café. They have the same “outlines” aesthetic that just makes you wanna go take photos and everyone’s doing it, so no tita is staring at you with judging eyes. And because the interior is Korean inspired, they serve Unlimited Samgyupsal. Yep! You heard that right! So make sure you get those photos before your meal because you’ll definitely be leaving with a food baby. Haha.


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What are you waiting for? Try out all these yummy food, and stay in the middle of it all.




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