A Stopover in Las Vegas

This is Part 1 of my whole Utah Solo Road Trip during my spring break.

I drove from Long Beach, California and spent the night in Las Vegas before I left for Salt Lake City at lunch time. This is what my itinerary looks like.

Day 1

4pm: I left Long Beach and started my drive to Las Vegas. I didn’t stop for anything, not to pee, not for gas, nothing. I wanted to be in Vegas in time for dinner coz I have never been before and I wanna see what it’s like, and this was late March, still during the pandemic, and I was thinking it would not be as crowded.

9pm: I arrived on the strip. There were SO MANY people. I couldn’t believe it. Social distancing wasn’t a thing and people weren’t wearing masks. It’s as if the pandemic does not exist! I stayed at Travelodge Inn right on the strip and in theory it was a good thing because I’d be close to everything but in reality, I was a little TOO close to everything, closer than I wanna be, if I’m being honest. Ladies in bunny outfits run around outside where I’m staying and almost everyone has a drink in their hands. It was too sketchy for me, especially coz I am traveling alone. I decided to skip going out for the night and rest coz I’ve been driving so much anyway.

Day 2

Las Vegas in the morning is very different. There weren’t as much people, probably because the party-goers are still in bed, hungover from the night before, and I really like it.

7am: I decided to go out early to get a good seat at Mon Ami Gabi. It is a French restaurant just below the Eiffel tower, across the Bellagio fountain. They open at 7am and they don’t take reservations for the patio seating, and the view is certainly worth it!

I drove past the Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas sign on my way to the Shelby Museum and did not stop for a photo. If you want a photo here, do it now because when I drove by after I went to the museum, the line was SO long. So take your photo here early before the crowd wakes up.

8:30am: I went to the Shelby Museum. I have watched the movie Ford v Ferrari and got so excited about this museum. I went on a Saturday and found a car show at their parking lot, it is a bunch of Shelby cars and even a Shelby Raptor, out on display by their owners. It was so cool because inside the museum, you can’t touch the cars, they’re cordoned off but at the car show, you can actually look at the engines, and talk to the owners. It was so fun!

9:30am: After the Shelby Museum, I went to Count Kustoms. It’s another car place and admission is free. The place is not too big but it is packed with cars.

10am: I watch Ghost Adventures so I headed to Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum. It’s not far from the strip so it’s okay. Reserve your tickets when you decide to go because I didn’t and my choices were to wait indefinitely until a person cancels or book a ticket for tomorrow. Remember, I am traveling alone so if it was difficult for me to get squeezed in on of the tours, it’s gonna be harder for a group to do it.

11am: With no luck at the museum, I headed back to the strip to get lunch but the streets are getting crowded so I decided to just leave Vegas and head out to Salt Lake City.

I didn’t do much in Vegas because this was just a stopover for Utah anyway. I’ll come back next time when Nevada is the main destination and maybe I’d get to experience this city and state more!

I’ll see you again soon!

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