Places to Visit When In Cape Town

Like I said on this post, South Africa should be on your bucket list!

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s three capital cities, with a very diverse list of destinations – from the beaches to the mountains, a taste of Italy and of France. These are the places you can visit on your trip to Cape Town.

Table Mountain

The very iconic landmark of Cape Town! Try to be there as early as you can so you get ahead of the queue coz it gets really long. Once on top, you get a 360-degree view of the city all the way to the ocean.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

As the name suggests, it’s by the beach, and it is the main shopping center in Cape Town that extends to some sort of a beach boardwalk with activities and little shows. This is also where you can find a lot of kiosks for tours including a helicopter ride.

Pipe Track Trail

This is the old pipe track for the water line in Cape Town and now people – tourists and locals alike – go on this trail to walk, jog, or bike! The views on this trail are beautiful so if you can, get up a little earlier than usual to go on this trail.

Camps Bay Beach

This is within the nicer neighborhoods in the city. You can come down here from the Pipe Track Trail to have a relaxing lounge time after your hike.

Cape Peninsula is where most of the water-related activities are because it is the part that hugs False Bay on the west. Where to go in Cape Peninsula?

Seal Island

Exactly what the name suggests, it’s an island of seals. Seals laying on the rock island, seals swimming around it, seals everywhere! There are so much and they’re in their natural habitat! It’s amazing.

Boulders Beach

My favorite, I think, because it’s where the penguins are!! Penguiiiiinsss!!! Need I say more? 😍😍😍 

Cape Point

This is the southernmost point of Cape Peninsula. You take a tram to the base of the lighthouse and when you decide to climb the steps after the ride, you get miles and miles of ocean views once you’re on top.

Cape Winelands is where you can spend a full day of wine tasting like you’re in Italy, and on your way, you can also stop by a French-inspired town! It’s a day of European vibes in South Africa.


This is the French-inspired town, and even though it is known to be a tourist destination, it still has that ‘little town’ vibe with local shops and interesting dining options.


If you’re in Cape Town for nature views, you should not miss this. I have never seen anything so captivating, nature-wise. Words just can’t describe it, even the video at the end of this post doesn’t give it justice.

I’ve always thought about wildlife and safaris whenever I hear ‘South Africa’. Apparently, I wasn’t reading enough about the country that;s why I didn’t have a good grasp of the diversity it offers. Cape Town is a city that broke what I thought South Africa is. This one city alone gives visitors so much to do with very different vibes.

Watch this video of my visit there and you’d see what I mean!

Til the next adventure!

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