August Faves

Hey guys! It’s September, and I wanna share with you the things I got last month that I totally fell in love with.

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipsticks

Photo 02-09-2018, 7 13 05 AM

I got Baked and Girl Crush. I honestly got them for the hype, but I have to say they’re the best lipsticks I own because each one (1) is so pigmented that you only need to put one layer, (2) applies so smoothly it feels like a sheer lipstick, (3) has a matte finish so color stays longer, plus it turns almost powdery you wouldn’t even need to blot it, and (4) costs just a little over a quarter of the cost of my usual lipsticks! What a deal, right? You should get it, and not for the hype, but because it’s a really amazing product!


Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser and Clinique Fit Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer and Lip+Cheek Flush

Photo 02-09-2018, 7 14 03 AM

These are my gym essentials. If you’ve been following my IG Stories, you’d know that I’ve been working out for a month now. Yay! And every after workout, I’ve used these products and they’re just amazing!

I have three small tubes of the Elizabeth Arden Probiotic Cleanser  because these were given to me for sampling and I fell in love with it. Why? Because it cleans your face without the need for water. Just apply on dry face and then wash off. It’s so convenient when I’m on a hurry to catch my class, and I’m so excited to use it during long haul flights too!

I follow it up with the moisturizer and the cheek tint from Clinique’s new collection, CliniqueFit. The moisturizer makes my face feel soft and supple, and then smooth, after it dries up with a matte, almost powdery, feel. The cheek tint looks so natural, it honestly looks like an after-sweat cheek flush. Pair it with a messy bun and you’re ready to go with that after-workout glow!


Bellroy Travel Wallet

Photo 02-09-2018, 7 11 19 AM

I have been on the hunt for the perfect wallet and I finally found it! It’s actually a travel wallet but I use it everyday. There are seven card slots which is just perfect for me, and two compartments for bills, for when you need to carry different currencies, or when you just want to separate big and small bills, or bills and receipts, whatever. It also comes with a free notebook (as a placeholder for your passport) and a pen. But what I like most about this is that it holds all those things and still stays so slim, and its flip wallet design, which means no zippers to open, latches to click, whatsoever. Great functionality and pure simplicity, just how I like it.


By Invite Only Rose Gold Jewellery ❤️❤️❤️

Photo 02-09-2018, 7 22 38 AM

I can’t be any happier with this purchase!! A few months back, I got myself an Apple Watch in Rose Gold. I don’t own any rose gold jewellery and my sisters always tell me not to mix my metals so I went hunting for some. And then I saw these oh-so-cute pieces from a blogger I follow on Instagram and I can’t help but press that ‘Add to Cart’ button. 😂😂😂 I ordered them online and they just arrived and every bag I open makes me more and more giddy! I always wanted stackable jewellery and these are so cute I can’t wait to wear them! 😍😍😍


Anytime Fitness Personal Training Program

Photo 02-09-2018, 7 41 02 AM

It’s not really a tangible thing, I know, but this is so worth it, especially for me because I have scoliosis, which means I have to be under close guidance whenever I workout. What I like most about having a coach is having someone who could safely push me farther than I would if I workout by myself. And for the first month that I’ve been working out, I have felt changes, I feel stronger and I can touch my toes now! That’s really something and I can’t wait to improve on the coming months!


I got a few more items that I still have to try and if they are such good products, then maybe I’ll post them for next month!

blog end

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