La Union

La Union, Luzon’s Ultimate Surfing Destination, is a 5-hour drive away from Metro Manila. Of all the beaches I’ve been to, this has the most relaxing vibe. Time goes so slooow in there.

My friends and I went there on a long weekend (Philippine Independence Day) so every place is fully booked. We found Hotel Mikka, which is not on the beachfront but is only 10 minutes away from the beach by car. We only paid 8500 pesos (USD 170) for 8 adults for a two-night stay. Not bad, especially for young budget travelers like us.

We drove to Flotsam and Jetsam and made it our hangout, as if we were staying there. haha. If you intend to go, you’d have to be early because the place is crowded, even for breakfast, and most of them (including us) don’t have plans of leaving. Good thing I have friends oozing with charms who managed to find us a table for breakfast, and then a spot at the lounge area for lunch. Food is a bit pricey but you’re really there for the vibe. Wind on your hair, looking out to the beach, and it feels like you’re friends with everyone.


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We didn’t go surfing. I know it’s a shame, but my dad allowed me to go to La Union if I promise not to go surfing, and so I had to compromise. I know what you’re thinking, I’m in my late twenties and I still ask my dad’s permission for things I want to do. I don’t know why either, but I’m taking baby steps to stop it. Anywaaaaay…

So, we didn’t go surfing, and the beach in front of F&J is not particularly enticing for swimming, so we walked by the beach to El Union Coffee. Yes we walked but it’s not really ‘walking distance’ so check the map and see if you’re up to it because we were tired when we got there. haha. We tried their S’Mores and their specialty coffee and chocolate, and I have to emphasize this, you have to try it. Don’t look at the price tag, just believe me. Period.


The rest of the afternoon, we decided to go swimming. We found a resort with a pool, but I forgot the name, forgive me. Their pool has a deep side and that’s a big plus for me, and they have access to the beach. When we got to the beach, there were locals skim-boarding, and I smiled to myself because I promised my dad I won’t go surfing, surfing, with a surf board. Ooh, I love loopholes! So we talked to the local kids, and with my friends’ charms, we had short skim-boarding lessons for free, with free skimboard rental! Beware of these two, they can get anything they want. haha.

After a funny session of skim-boarding, we dropped by Surf Shack La Union for dinner  on our way to the Independence Day party. I don’t have photos for the rest of the night but F&J is the place to be for a party! They have a wide selection of drinks (including non-alcoholics for me), great music, and a midnight bonfire.

Now, stop reading and bring yourself to La Union and experience chill days and wild nights!


What I Wore

L: Cotton On cropped top | Adidas shorts | Call It Spring sandals

R: Terranova Sprots Wear | Mango shorts | Cotton On blazer | Call It Spring sandals


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  1. I feel like it would be worth it just to eat and drink at El Union!

    1. truly! if only they have enough seats for all their customers, spending a few hours there would be really great. and if you’re into alcohol, they serve philippine craft beers as well!

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