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Every time we hear ‘travel’, we easily associate it with places. With daily influences from our feeds on Facebook and Instagram, it’s almost automatic that traveling is going places. But, as many have said before, life is a journey, and so living life is also traveling, only instead of places, our destinations are our milestones in life.

Just like enjoying a new place, we celebrate our life’s milestones because we want to take it in and make it memorable. Here’s a throwback to reminisce my last Thanksgiving Party, celebrating a milestone – becoming a licensed architect.


The Setup

I wanted a garden party but because weather is unpredictable in the Philippines, my parents insisted on doing it indoors. So we booked the Agila Ballroom at Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao and Golden Touch by Noel Tanza turned the ballroom into a magical forest! And yes, there are ‘trees’ on each table!



The Celebrant – Me ☺️

I haven’t hosted a formal party before because I did a Luau Party when I turned 18, and had my graduation party at TGI Fridays. So I was so glad to have finally thrown a formal party which gave me an excuse to wear a ball gown! My dresses are by Jan Ayala, and my hair and make up was done by Shaad Maulana of Coiff It Up Salon Centre. I’ve never felt this pretty and fab! Thanks to these two.. ❤️



The Memories

I didn’t have so many friends growing up, that’s why having a party this big made me nervous. My sisters could easily have 200 guests over for their parties, but in my case, 120 is too many. Yes, there were a few seats empty, but I realized I still have a lot of friends. Throwing a party back in college is easy because duh, classmates, and everyone is looking for excuses to go out. But a party 2 years after graduation? I was really in doubt. I was so happy a lot of people turned up and celebrated this special day with me. I want to thank Archie Pelago Picturista for taking all the photos during the event. He’s been my go-to photographer since highschool. He has transfered to different studios over time and I always go to wherever he’s working. And now he has his own studio and I’m so happy!

Everyone was having fun, until the after party, thanks to unlimited cocktails served by Cocktails and Dreams Davao.


My Family

Of course I thank my family for all of this. They’ve supported me through the long nights in college, the moody review months, until the stressful exams (my parents even flew to Manila during my exam dates so they could drive me to the exam venue), and they were proud of me even when I’m not proud of myself. I have such a wonderful wonderful family and they mean the world to me. ❤️



Thank you everyone! And cheers to more milestones in life.. 🥂


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