Early Bird Breakfast Club

They say the early bird catches the worm.. Well, I found a dainty breakfast cafe that disagrees.. 😉

One morning I woke up craving for champorado – chocolate porridge. I don’t know a lot of restaurants that serve this dish, so I did what I usually do in times like this. I go to my shelf and get this book — ‘Top 10 Everything Food Lists’. This book compiles the best restaurants for a certain dish. Whenever I crave for something, I open this and I’ll know where to go. It has everything from main dishes, desserts, even drinks. According to the book, the number one spot for champorado is the Early Bird Breakfast Club. It was a good thing they serve breakfast all day because I arrived at around lunch time already.

The first time I discovered this restaurant, I went to their branch at The Fort. The interior is pretty, and dainty, with the colorful pastels and the mural. The newspaper-inspired menu is also a smart detail, making you feel like reading the morning paper anytime of the day, and it has a crossword puzzle at the back so you won’t get bored while waiting for your food to arrive.

Speaking of food, of course I ordered their Yin Yang Champorado, which is an equal mix of dark and white Belgian chocolate – not too sweet, not too bitter – with sugar-sprinkled dilis on the side. Isn’t that super?? And their Amazing Breakfast Tea is a perfect pair. My friend ordered the Adobo Sunrise – crispy adobo flakes over scrambled egg and breakfast rice.

Since then, I frequent the restaurant, but I usually go to their branch in Century Mall. They never fail to serve me “beautiful breakfast morning, noon, and night”. 😉

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