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I love eating out, actually eating in general, so back in Davao during my college years (2008-2013), whenever my friends want to know new places to try, they usually ask me. It’s mainly because of this why I started to document the restaurants I’ve been to and the food I’ve ordered, and turned it into a blog. My blog, I’d like to say, attracted the right people that I started getting invitations and vouchers from food events and restaurants.

However, when I moved to Manila, I stopped blogging because I was a shy girl with no friends so I didn’t go out as much. But eventually, I became more confident, and I met new friends, so I get to eat out again. This is why I am bringing back #angeladaptarEATS, a compilation of experiences with food, with this post, which is a throwback compilation of my early food blogging days.

More food posts coming soon! 😋


My Favorite Milk Tea Place in Davao: TEA AMO

Tea Amo



Pofta Buna


My First Post from Manila: VANILLA CUPCAKE BAKERY


If you’re interested in reading more about the places I mentioned above, you can access them through these links:

Tea Amo

Pofta Buna Food Fest Weekend

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery


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