On Board an Ultralight Plane

A long weekend is on its way and I’m pretty sure most of you are already planning on some places to go or activities to try. So let me suggest something… What do you think about hiking, or paragliding, or having a staycation, or flying on an Ultralight Plane?

Mati, Davao Oriental, a 3-hour drive from Davao City, is the home of the Mindanao Saga Flying Club. You can take an hour flight with a certified pilot or if you have the time, you can take flying lessons with them and fly the ultralight plane yourself!

On your way to Mati, you can drop by the viewdeck to see the Sleeping Dinosaur Island, then if you decide to unwind for the rest of the day, or even stay for the night, after you’ve flown the ultralight plane, there are a lot of resorts in Dahican Beach to help you relax, like Botona Resort.

A quick reminder before you do the Ultralight Experience, make sure your GoPro is full charged and has enough memory because they have a mount on their planes which captures a really good view of your flight. Don’t be like me and capture your sister’s flight and not record your own because you didn’t bring extra batteries. 🙁

One quick side story: Did you know that the plane has its own parachute? So in case of emergency, the pilot does not need to eject from his seat; he just needs to activate the parachute and it will assist the whole plane down to safety. Cool, right? If that was common knowledge, forgive me. ✌🏼😂


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Here’s a link to contact the Mindanao Saga Flying Club so you can start planning.


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