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A long weekend is on its way and I’m pretty sure most of you are already planning on some places to go or activities to try. So let me suggest something… What do you think about hiking, or paragliding, or flying an ultralight plane?

To my friends from Manila who may want to skip the toll traffic and just relax in the city, I know just the right place – Marriott Hotel Manila.

I was referred by a friend to join the Marriott Club. I was already a Marriott Rewards member but the club was different, so I said okay. It has so many perks like a free stay, a half-price stay, food discounts, etc. So when I became so stressed with school work, I called them for a reservation and stayed there for a night. I was doing my renderings for my thesis so I just worked on it a bit, then let my laptop sit on the table crunching those perspectives, while I enjoy these relaxing things to do in the hotel:

1 Be comfortable in their hotel suite.

Their rooms are spacious, although it really should be because of their price point, but it was still refreshing for me to be in a bigger room since I was stuck in my studio unit most of the time, doing my thesis.


2 Enjoy the swimming pool.

I stayed there on a Sunday so my friend and I sort of have the pool to ourselves. Being outside made me so happy because I haven’t felt daylight since the start of the semester, because again of my thesis. 🙁 And because the beach really calms me, although it’s just a pool, I think it helped a bit. So yay!


3 Relax in their Sauna.

I’m not so fond of saunas and all, but it was just by the pool, and since I was there (and it’s free), I might as well try it, right? They have a jacuzzi, a really crazy hot jacuzzi, a sauna, and a steam bath which is pretty nice because it’s so dark inside and they put the little color-changing LEDs on the floor, walls, and ceiling, it felt like being in really hot version of outer space.


4 Satisfy your cravings at the Dinner Buffet.

I used my buffet discount coupons for dinner, and enjoyed every spoonful. I’d be honest and say they don’t have as much food selection compared to other hotel buffets, but every dish is just heaven. In addition to their Asian station, they served ribs, grilled meat, make-your-own-pasta, and seafoods cooked however you want it. Imagine unlimited crabs! 😋


5 Work out in their fitness gym.

I know a few people who owns the treadmill with the TV in it, but it was the first time I actually used such treadmill. Whenever I go to the gym (shoutout to coach Roel from Fitbox!), I usually just stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes max. But here, because reruns of Game of Thrones is on, I didn’t really care how long I’ve been running there! And all those sexy people from the show really pressured me to burn my fats off, especially after everything I ate at the dinner buffet. 😂

Photo 06-03-2017, 11 33 35 AM


After a wonderful stay, you can go to the nearby Newport Mall and watch a movie or even live performances, or maybe just stroll around and enjoy its interiors. My stay at the Marriott really gave me the relaxation I needed. So if you decide to stay there for the long weekend, tell me what you think! 😉


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