Like my previous post, this is about Boracay. But don’t worry, it’s different. That one’s about the hotel we stayed in, this one’s about the things we did there.

When you think of Boracay, the first things on your mind are the beach and the crazy parties. And yes, you’re right. Boracay is a world-known beach destination and the parties there are really wild! But there are more venues for adventure in the island. Let me show you some.

The obvious one: The Sea

There are a lot of water sports and activities. The first time I went to Bora, we did all the water activities in a day – banana boat, flyfish, reef walk, parasailing, even windsurfing (although we just watched because we didn’t know how to do it). Name it we’ve done it.

However, on this visit, we were with the office staff, so we did the activities that everyone agrees on, and ended up with the Flyfish. It’s an extreme version of the banana boat, because the inflatable thing you’re riding on would sort of fly. It’s really fun, but your body may hurt the next day.

DSC_0181 copy


Next: The Mountains

On my first visit, we toured the other side of the island on a bug car. But it’s really difficult to drive and the trail is a bit dangerous so this time, we went to the other side to visit the AquaZorb.

You go inside an inflatable ball and choose how you want to go down the hill.  You can fasten yourself inside so you turn with the ball and roll your way to dizziness, or you can choose to fill the ball with water and float (or possibly drown) your way down. My mom and I went together and she sort of drowned but she was okay after we got out. haha.

DSC_0231 copyDSC_0296 copy


Then, The Sky

Boracay Helicopter Adventures offer helicopter tours so you can see the island at a different angle. This was my first helicopter ride so I was so excited and happy! The views from above are amazing and you get a glimpse of the many private resorts that scatter around the island.

DSC_0545 copy


Finally, The Night Activities – Fire Dance Show

Most restaurants and hotels showcase fire dancers during dinner. You don’t even have to pay for some because there are dancers who just perform by the beach. Make sure to put your cameras on low shutter speed to get the best shots of these fire dance shows.

DSC_0581 copy-2


And before I end this, I’ll sneak in an OOTD for my day of adventure. 😉

DSC_0305 copy

Adventures in water, earth, air, fire… (heart! Go Planet!). Reminds me of the cartoon series back in my childhood, Captain Planet. Do you know that? Or am I too old? haha.


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