Tinuy-an Falls

Surigao del Sur is a province in Mindanao. It’s a 4-5-hour drive from Davao City’s Fransisco Bangoy International Airport.

A few years back, I went there with my family and we visited Tinuy-an Falls, Hinatuan Enchanted River, and Britania Group of Islands.

Tinuy-an Falls is a 3-tier cascading waterfall in Bislig City. Its name is from their vernacular word tinuyu-an which means deliberately or with purpose, talking about how the waterfall is designed by the guardian gods of nature.

The parking space is by the third (lowest) waterfall, where you can rent bamboo rafts. But I suggest you do it after enjoying the view at the top, because you wouldn’t want to walk up the series of stairs and ramps wet.

We went there saying we’d just enjoy the view but we ended up getting into the water. So always prepare even if you don’t really plan on swimming. Also, I didn’t bring my GoPro, (because we’re not swimming anyway, I’d be dry the entire time) so it was difficult to take photos when we were on the bamboo raft.

These are the photos my waterproof camera got. Tinuy-an Falls is not a must-see, it’s a must-try, so go visit and take better photos and give justice to the place.




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