New York City for Free

New York could easily intimidate budget travelers thinking about how costly staying in the city could be. But one thing to know is that anyone could experience New York whatever budget they have because there is so much New York could offer and some of them are absolutely free!

The “Free Things in NYC” is a very long list, which includes iconic places like Central Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station, The High Line, and Bryant Park.

Central Park is a must-see when you’re in New York. One, because it’s one of the things people think of when you say New York. Two, because a lot of movies and TV shows are shot in the park. Three, because it’s a really nice place to take photos – OOTD, scenery, people – everything here is interesting. Fourth, because it’s a really nice place to just sit and let time pass by. We spent a morning here waiting for a museum to open. We stayed at the Ladies Pavilion, talked, and watched squirrels nearby. I can’t help but sing The Next Ten Minutes from The Last Five Years. I really love that song and the movie scene was shot at the very Pavilion we were staying. I can’t stop myself. I had to do it.. We also walked leisurely across the park from West to East to get from museum to museum. You wouldn’t notice how much you’ve walked! I hope we had such parks here in the Philippines..




You can’t go to New York and not go to Times Square, even just once. Just get the feel of the busy district, take in all the marquees and LEDs, see tourists scammed by mascots (including us, haha), have snacks at the nearby cafes, and go. If you ask me, there’s not much you can do here but you just have to visit. You wouldn’t need to pay anything, anyway.. And sometimes, they have gimmicks that are really fun. Just like Revlon’s #LoveIsOn camera. People crowd infront of the Revlon camera to get the chance to see their faces on a screen in Times Square. Big deal, right? I was there in the crowd. hahaha. I don’t know if you can spot me and my family in these photos.. hahaha.


I am a big fan of Gossip Girl, although I started watching the series after the whole thing ended. But I’m a fan, nonetheless! So seeing the Grand Central Terminal, where Serena was spotted “bags in hand” is a dream come true. Plus the vaulted ceiling and those arch windows!

The High Line was an abandoned railway that is used today as a park. We went there late December, with not much flowers but it was still a good place to glimpse different districts in Manhattan. Imagine going there in spring! Such a nice place for an OOTD. haha. We had a good walk and went down at Chelsea Market. You don’t need to buy anything there, just strolling the place is really satisfying.

When in New York during christmas time, The Winter Village at Bryant Park is highly suggested. There were a lot of shops and based from what I’ve researched, this is the cheapest skating rink in Manhattan. If you bring your own skates and padlock (for the lockers), you wouldn’t need to pay for anything. But I have to warn you, the line is long, but hey, it’s free!


You can enjoy traveling your way, on your budget. Find ways to enjoy some sights for free so you could save up and go to the pricier places you’re willing to splurge on.

Discover your own #tipidmoves and travel cheaper!

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