New York Museums

When searching what to do in New York, the internet would suggest you visit the many museums in the city and I understand that. However, just because Google says so, you’d have to do it. Every person’s traveling preference may or may not be the same with others.

I am not so ‘deep’ when it comes to art. I actually asked my professor once how to actually appreciate art because I just don’t get it. I’ve seen art exhibits that are just sketches – mere pencil doodles on paper. (And I say mere, because again, I don’t get it. Don’t judge.) But these doodles are displayed in a museum. I’ve also seen paintings that a person I know could easily copy and I wouldn’t know the difference. Please don’t hate me for saying all these, again, I don’t get it. Maybe only artists could understand art? Or maybe I’m just so dumb and uneducated and so unsophisticated to not appreciate obviously beautiful things. I don’t know, enlighten me..

Anyway, because, again (for the fourth time), I don’t get art, I don’t find visiting internet-suggested museums exciting. So when I went to New York with my family, we only planned to go to the ones that we like, which are the following — 911 Memorial Museum, The American Museum of Natural History, Ripley’s Odditorium, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Guggenheim Museum.

9/11 Memorial Museum
This interests us because I’m an architect and my dad and my sister are engineers. Also, my mom said it’s a really big deal in history and she wants to know more about it. We went there and saw some of the debris, and photos of what happened. There’s an area where they placed a photo of the NY skyline a few minutes before the incident, next to a photo after it happened. It is such a humbling experience being able to realize how fast life could turn around. Poof! Just a few minutes, a prominent building in the skyline disappeared.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium
I remember sitting at our living room floor watching the TV show with my dad so when I saw that there’s an Odditorium in New York, I told my parents we have to visit. One tip here is that when you go, please do read the descriptions in the exhibit. They already look amazing and unbelievable but reading about it makes the exhibit more interesting.



The American Museum of Natural History
We went here because we watched Night at the Museum as a family and it’s really a fun experience to visit the museum together as well. We went to see the dinosaurs and went on the Night at the Museum tour. I was just a little disappointed that they don’t have a living Capuchin Monkey because the whole time I thought they do. Silly me. Anyway, best to come here first thing in the morning because the lines could get crazy.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
I didn’t plan on going inside because to be honest, I just wanted to come here because of Gossip Girl. All I wanted was a photo sitting on the steps. haha. Forgive the fangirl in me. But I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to do it because it was already dark when we were in the area so I just took a photo from across the street. Maybe the next time I visit I’d come early..

The Guggenheim Museum
We actually walked across Central park from the American Museum of Natural History, passing by the Met, to The Guggenheim Museum. We planned to avail the free admission but didn’t anticipate that a lot of tourists would too! We got there and the line went all around the block. Whaat?! I just wanted to see the architecture of the museum, but I guess I have another thing to look forward to the next time I’m in the city..

That’s it! There are a lot more museums in New York that could be more interesting to you, than to me. There are the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Museum of Sex, to name a few. So go wherever your heart and feet takes you and don’t be pressured to go to  places you don’t really want to visit. Enjoy New York the way you want it!

Oh, and a tip, check each museum’s website because some of them are pay-as-you-wish while some have schedules where admission is free. Here are some info I got while planning our trip:
* 9/11 Memorial Museum — museum admission is free Tuesdays, 5pm-8pm. Just reserve your slot the day before or line up at the museum starting 4pm. Slots are limited.
* American Museum of Natural History — pay-as-you-wish anytime
* The Metropolitan Museum of Art — pay-as-you-wish, comes with free admission to The Cloisters for the same week
* The Guggenheim Museum — admission is free 5:45pm-8:45pm on Saturdays
* Museum of Modern Art — admission is free on Fridays, 4-8pm
* Museum of the Moving Image — admission is free on Fridays, 4-8pm


Just go to places you honestly want to visit, and if you can, try do it for free!

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