The Wait Was Over

My first international trip is very memorable to me. First, because I went to the US; Second, because I was going alone – meaning no family member went with me; And third, because I went there for something I really love – music!

My years of stage training and rehearsals paid off when I finally auditioned at a local performing group for a series of performances in the US. We had a show in New Jersey so we decided to drive to New York during our free day and experience the city.

I was 15 then and I have to say I fell in love at first sight. The busy streets, the tall buildings, and especially the theaters housing the musical shows I only hear from my CDs back home. There was so much to take in that a day there is just not enough! I promised myself I would go back and 10 years later, I finally did.

The waiting was over. I was so excited to re-experience New York, and to me, every day is a dream come true! If you’ve seen my instagram feed, you’d know I enjoyed myself. I can’t wait to share my adventures to you, now that I got more time because midterms is finally over!

I’ll be writing as much as I can and I can’t wait to share every post to all of you! For now, I’ll share you some photos of the trip.. Enjoy!




Next time your dreams seem too long to come true, don’t lose hope.
The time will come!

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