The Witch’s 100th


My last post, the one about the Zambales Coves, was my 100th blog post and as of writing, my blog has a little more than 10,000 visits. Doing the math, that’s 100 readers per post, on average, and that makes me crazy!! That could be the same 100 persons every new post i publish, or maybe 10,000 different people reading just one post, but I don’t care. I’m just so happy! You guys… Thank you so much! My thankful heart goes to each one of you out there, all 10,000 of you. Well, if you read more than one post, that means more love goes to you. ❤️❤️❤️

Anyway, by now you might be wondering who “The Witch” is. Well, it’s me, of course. haha.

Last Halloween, the first I spent in the city, my niece and I went to a trick-or-treat event at a mall. She dressed as Sofia the First and I went as a witch, but I want to be called The Witch, just because. haha. Actually, I was the result of my niece’s rejects. She was supposed to go as a witch, thinking halloween is only for scary costumes. When she was told she could go as a princess, she decided she would. We didn’t want the props she already bought to go to waste so I decided I’d use it.

From my closet, I took out a dress I used at a friend’s birthday so I could use it the second time. Yes, I had just used it once after I bought it last Christmas (almost a year now) because the dress is just so maarte and so papansin if you use it on normal days, well at least I think it is. Also, it matches my niece’s witch hat! For the shoes, I have this favorite pair of black heels that is unfortunately not mine. So I had to call my sister to borrow it from her. With my niece’s props, I was ready to go. When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought I’d give it an Angel twist so I put on patterned stockings and Voila!




These are scanned copy of the printed studio photos. Sorry, I don’t want to pay extra for the CD when I can scan it at home..

What amazes me is that I really like how all the borrowed things came together. I just added those pretty stockings and had fun. What matters is how you put your stamp on things and werk it with attitude. Because really, what we contribute in this world is our unique personality. *wink*


Cache Cache dress | Faridez shoes from Simply Felice | photos by Lito Sy Studio
I love you guys! Keep reading.. ❤️

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