Zombie Night Run 2015

Happy Halloween! There were a lot of events for the halloween weekend including a night run, trick or treats, and halloween parties.

This year, no holidays were declared giving us just one day to go to both my parents’ hometowns to visit my grandparents’ graves. My parents decided to skip the province, which means I get to spend my first halloween in the city and enjoy all those events.

When I heard about the zombie run, the first people I honestly thought of going with were my friends. At the day of the event, some had more important commitments, some cancelled, some already went to the province, leaving me with no choice but to invite my parents. I initially thought they wouldn’t want to go because they’re busy or they just don’t enjoy events like this. This was why I was shocked when they said yes with excited smiles. They knew my sister and I are going to that night run but never said that they also want to join.

Our parents respect that as adults, we live our own lives that’s why they allow us to go out with friends when they ‘secretly’ want to spend time with us. Sometimes, they’re just waiting for an invitation from their children because they want us to want to be with them instead of being with other people.

So, here we are before and after running from and playing patintero against the zombies.

before we started the run


photo op with the zombies
finally finished the race! my dad has 2 ‘lives’ left while my mom and i only have 1 each..



one trick my dad showed me – misdirection. zombies rarely looked down. that balloon is pinned to his socks. 🙂

No offense to my friends but I’m somehow thankful they cancelled because I really had a great night with my family. I invited my parents because I have no one else to ask but I’m super glad I did and I would do it again. It surprised me how great it felt when I was trying to survive the zombie-infested area and heard my parents call out my name looking for me, and when my dad gave up one of his 3 life-balloons just so he could stay at the side to wait for me get through the obstacles. This night is an unforgettable family bonding experience.


Cotton On active wear | Nike running jacket, socks, and shoes
Always remember that family members are your bestest friends.

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