Phuket Town

I want to take you to Phuket Town
I want to take you to Phuket Town
I want to take you to Phuket Town
I want to take you to Phuu-ket Town!

I know it’s funky town but this post is gonna take you to sights in mainland Phuket. We went to Wat Chalong, Phromthep Cape, and Baan Teelanka. Three different sights in a day.

Wat Chalong is a famous temple in Phuket. We’ve been to numerous temples and what’s different here is that instead of a quiet atmosphere, you’ll hear the amplified noise of firecrackers. People buy the Judas Belt and light it inside a brick structure to send away bad elements. You can’t imagine the smoke because the ritual was endless, tourist after tourist.


Phromthep Cape was more nature sightseeing, and maybe catching a quick nap. haha. Remember from this post I said my dad doesn’t care so much, he just wants to sleep? You’ll see in the photos that he really did just that. 🙂


from the lighthouse museum, i can see my dad resting on a bench

The highlight of our last day in Phuket is our visit at Baan Teelanka, The Upside Down House. We spent half the day here getting lost in the maze, crawling floors,and solving mysteries a la Mystery Manila. It’s a 3-in-1 place that’s why it’s worth going.. 🙂

This is my mom, getting lost in the maze with me


My dad and I crawled the floor for that previous photo.. 🙂


It’s a fun place to exercise your mind and to practice creativity. When you plan to go to Phuket, you should give this a try.. 🙂


Bershka cropped top | Anemone trousers | scarf from 999 Mall

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