Andaman Sea

August in Phuket is also like August in the Philippines – a little rainy. I was imagining a day at the beach with the sun burning my skin. Yes, I actually like the warmth being under the sun..
I usually wake up at seven and Phuket is an hour late from PST which explains why I woke up around 6am. I stayed at our room’s balcony and noticed the rain. I was a little worried our island hopping tour would be cancelled. We only had a few days and I want to make the most of it.
One thing I like traveling with my family is that we’re early risers. We all agree that we travel because we want to see other places, and not because we want to sleep at a different bed. We usually don’t get tour guides anymore but this time we think we have to because some places are just not contactable through the internet. Anyway, we walked along the beach and had already finished breakfast when the van arrived and took us to our boat.
I’m really grateful I was born into a crazy family because even when the tour guide warned that staying at the front of the boat is super bumpy and could be a little dangerous, my mom allowed my sister and I to stay there and my dad stayed with us. We were sitting on the bench when a crazy wave lifted our butts off and I unfortunately landed on the floor and my sister was laughing hard at me. Yeah, I bruised my bum but it was so fun I didn’t care.
Also, when we were taken to the caves, my dad couldn’t wait for the canoes to get us so he jumped out of the boat into the water! Who wants to go canoeing the Andaman Sea when you can dive into it? So my sister and I followed my dad and enjoyed Phuket a little different from the people around. We sort of panicked when the tour guide told us that there are a lot of jellyfishes in the area. My sister got stung before and her legs got burned leaving scars on her legs. I don’t want that to happen to me so I swam to the canoe where my dad was and looked for my sister who was already climbing back to the boat. That was close! The tour guide really wasn’t joking because when we were dropped at a beach where swimming is supposedly safe, there was a child who got stung by a jellyfish.
The whole day around Phang Nga Bay was fun but that canoe experience, for me, was the highlight. The cliffside beaches and rocky mountains can also be seen in the Philippines like Palawan, and the caves in Sagada are as amazing as the ones here. You may think I’m a little biased because it’s where I’m from but you can go check the place out and tell me about it after. 😉


my crazy family…




…and getting to know this harmless jellyfish…
…after this crazy swim.
James Bond Island

I agree that where you’re going is as important as who you’re going with and traveling with my family is really like traveling with friends. We’re crazy and I love it!

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