The Palms Resort

I flew four times during the first two months of August, but I guess that wasn’t enough because I had four more coming, and it’s for this trip..

Third weekend of the month, I was at a hotel room so much bigger than my condo unit in Manila. A place where people stay for days is bigger than where I lived for years! Sad, right? Well, it’s an RCI-related reservation anyway so I shouldn’t feel so bad..

If you travel often, you should consider a membership to RCI. I’m not their ambassador or whatever (I wish, though!) but they really offer a lot of hotel deals than would make your eyes twinkle! My parents are members which means we can have a two-bedroom suite for one week in any of their affiliated hotels around the world, for FREE! That’s subject to availability, of course, but platinum members have priority access. Also, they give out discounts and half-price deals. The membership is really worth it.

With one-peso fare airline tickets and a membership with RCI, you could have vacations every weekend, and who doesn’t want that? That’s why, I said in this post, our family sees every long weekend as an opportunity to go explore the world. August is the Kadayawan month in Davao City, my beloved hometown. The fourth monday of the month was declared as a holiday so Davaoenos can rest after the festivities. That was our go signal. A holiday/long weekend + promo tickets + RCI-affiliated hotel = Go.

This time, that green light took us to Phuket! We spent that weekend at The Palms Resort, never ordering room service because we had our own kitchen and Family Mart is just cheaper! haha.

Oh, I remember something. Whenever we stay at a hotel, we always take photos of the rooms because of course we’re happy to be out of our house and being at a different place is just fun, and duh, the rooms are nice! I heard someone said that doing that – taking photos inside the hotel room – is so ‘cheap’ and it’s being ‘igrnorante‘. Sorry, but I don’t care what you think, person! Maybe my kind of fun is cheap for you and again, that crazy hotel room is bigger than my studio unit so yes, I’m being ignorante here.

Anyway, enough about that. Haters gonna hate, right? That’s what they do. Bad vibes go away! Here are the photos, hope you enjoy them. 🙂

My mom and my sister
Here they are again
and again!
This happens all the time. I’m back home after a vacation, wondering why I don’t have enough photos of myself. haha.
my dad doesn’t care so much. he just wants to sleep…


…and drink his morning coffee…
…while his girls are taking a morning dip…


…because we’re mermaids. haha.
Naked Sun swimwear
Don’t mind what others say, just do you and have fun!

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