Iloilo Weekend 2

Hi there! It’s been a month since I last posted and I’m really sorry for that. August was just been so crazy that I didn’t have the time. But! I did so much last month and I’m really excited to be sharing all those things with you.
I should first share this long-overdue post about our last days in Iloilo. We stayed at Bearland Paradise Resort. I should warn you, if you’re planning to go to Iloilo, that this resort is far from the city and you wouldn’t want to leave once you checked in. We planned on starting the day early so we could visit more places but the pool just won’t let us. We ended up leaving in the afternoon but it’s okay because we really enjoyed relaxing by the pool bar.
We went to Miag-ao Church, the UP Campus, and Garin Farm. And because it was my dad’s birthday, we reserved the pavilion at the Sheridan Boutique Resort for dinner.
We stayed in Iloilo only for a weekend but it gave me wonderful memories and new friends. I hope I could go back someday…








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