Batangas Getaway

A vacation is something most people yearn especially during stressful days at work or during brain-damaging exam weeks in school. Some feel the fresh breeze in the mountains; Some chase waves at the beach; Some walk the busy streets in the city; Some enjoy their free time at home. We may have different thoughts on how to spend it but I believe we all look forward to our next vacations.

I love traveling and I see every long weekend as an opportunity for new adventure. With low-cost airline promos popping up every so often, it is so easy to take a break from our routines and take the vacation we so much deserve.

Independence Day weekend, my family planned to go to Nasugbu, Batangas. This is one of the destinations my mom suggested from a travel show she watches every night. It’s quite a long trip from Manila but it didn’t matter to me, though I hate hate HATE roadtrips, because this time, I’m driving my dream car.

It was a gift I honestly did not expect because I already got the party I wanted for my birthday/thanksgiving. I guess the universe thought I deserve more, my parents agreed, and I was very willing to accept. Wee!

Anyway, we spent that long weekend mostly beach bumming and seafood eating, aside from taking lots of pictures, of course. We stayed at Canyon Cove Resort and Spa, took insta-worthy photos at Fortune Island, and filled our tummies with fresh seafood at Kainan Sa Dalampasigan. And to indulge more in seafood, experienced Dampa Dining at Seaside Macapagal when we got back to Manila.








Anemone swimwear top and bottom cover up from Nothing But H2O | Havaianas flip flops | Flash Tattoos | Claire’s accessories
When’s the next long weekend?

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