Pinto Gallery

May 17 is this year’s International Museum Day, which means free enty to every museum in the Philippines. My friends and I were lucky we planned to visit the Pinto Gallery that very day.
We went through six galleries of paintings, sculpture and installation art, both indoors and outdoors – a very casual vibe for a museum. I am not the kind of person who truly understands art that’s why what I appreciated more than the artwork is the museum itself.
The architecture of the place is just refreshing. I designed a museum for our studio class back in sophomore year and saw my classmates’ work and none of us, as far as I can remember, came up with a museum like this.
When I hear the word museum, what immediately comes to my mind are marble floors, high ceiling rooms, and the sophistication that goes with that. It is actually fun and interesting to be here where the things I expect to see are non-existent. It is just a good way.
One of my friends had to rest after a while because she’s not feeling well. Before I forget, there are lots of stairs so be prepared! Anyway, I was walking around viewing the galleries not minding that my sick friend wouldn’t see how nice the place is. However, one installation art – The Forest – is so amazing that I immediately texted my friend to come see it.
The Forest gave me goosebumps that’s why it’s special but actually, the whole museum is worth visiting. That’s why I’m telling you this now – if you have time, drive to Antipolo and go to The Pinto Art Gallery and you would not regret it.








The Forest



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