Eggs for Breakfast

What happens when you start a day exactly at 12 midnight? You get hungry at 6am! haha. 🙂

A friend and I went to the awesome Closeup Forever Summer Party where we listened to beats by Martin Garrix himself!

The party ended but we didn’t want to go home so we headed to Music21. Our dearest friend who’s designated to drive us out of town tried to catch some sleep while we sang our lungs out for three crazy hours.

We realized the sun’s going up soon so we started our little road trip. I still wasn’t sleepy so I drove our way to Antipolo..

After driving for an hour, we finally arrived but we had a problem. Must-try restaurants in the area open at 8:00 and we are really hungry. We searched for pretty places for breakfast and found one that opens at 7:00am.

Eggs for Breakfast doesn’t look pleasing when you look at it from the road. You’ll just see a green gate with a big tarpaulin with their logo on it. My friends and I were skeptical at first but seeing people, including locals, wait outside before the restaurant opens made us curious. We thought we’d give it a chance and not judge it by it’s gate.

I’m so glad we waited because the place is as pretty as it is unattractive from the outside! I’m a sucker for gardens and I love the lawn and their hanging flowers. We stayed there for a while to relax before we headed to explore what other things Antipolo has to offer.






More from Antipolo soon!

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