GoodTimes at Kiltepan

They say a trip to Sagada wouldn’t be complete without watching the sun rise over the clouds at Mt. Kiltepan. Well I agree, but I think it’s more of a must-experience than a must-watch. Most people usually just want a photo or a time-lapse video not realizing that they missed watching the sunrise through their eyes.
I don’t want to sound self-righteous or what because when we got there, I tried to take loads of photos myself but when I realized that I only got this one chance to actually see it, I left my camera recording as I enjoyed the moment with the people close to my heart. It was when I played the video a few days after that I thanked myself for doing exactly that.
Watching the clip, my focus wasn’t on the view but on the moment I had with my friends. We watched the sunrise together, posed a few times for the video, and took selfies and groufies. These girls are treasures that I found a few years back and I’m so happy to call these precious gems my friends.
About five years ago, I spend 2 hours, 3 times a week with these people because we’re teammates. They were simply part of my weekly routine. Those training sessions then led to weekend outings, we’re already friends, which makes them part of my life. After everything we’ve all been through together, I see them as sisters. They’re a part of ME now.
We’ve all stayed together in our lows and highs, because we know that things will always be better tomorrow. We turn bad times around that’s why we call ourselves the GoodTimes.
I think the reason I felt emotional watching the clip is because I see our friendship from the outside. What we have is special. We’re the kind who support each other in darkness looking forward to a wonderful sunrise. I believe our experiences in Sagada want me to always remember that – hold on, then enjoy the view.
Life is amazing and so much can happen tomorrow. Don’t give up just because today’s tiring or boring or whatever. Just be patient and a sunrise, as wonderful as the one in Mt. Kiltepan, will greet you soon enough.








it’s always a good time with GoodTimes 

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