Sagada Spelunking

I see myself as an adventure seeker because I like different outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, and paragliding. I was checking off a lot of adventures on my bucket list and I felt satisfied until my friends and I went spelunking.

“Explore a cave” is not on my list and never actually crossed my mind. Not that I don’t think it’s fun, but because I never thought there is such an activity. I didn’t even know ‘spelunking’ is a word! I first encountered it when my friends and I were planning a trip to Sagada, Mt. Province. It was new to me, both the word and the kind of adventure, which made me really excited..

It was around lunch time when my friends and I arrived at Sagada, and note that we left Manila around midnight! Ugh, I hate roadtrips. That’s a different story though.. Anyway, we were scheduled to go to the caves by 4pm.

There are two types of caving we could choose from – normal caving and cave connection. Since we all love to make the most of that looong trip, we decided we’d take the cave connection. It would normally take 3-4 hours but if you have the time, go for it and try to finish it. It won’t be something you would regret.

No words could share the experience and not even the photos could give justice to the emotions and the struggles we went through within those caves.

We went up and down the cave on barefoot with only gas lamps and our cave guides to show us the way. It’s raw adventure – no safety equipment, no activity orientation. We trusted our lives to the guides and to each other, and to the ropes and the rocks.

It is a very important thing that you come to the caves with people who genuinely care for you. The ones who know your fears and weaknesses. The ones who are willing to assist you and cheer you through the obstacles and challenges. Because this cave connection is an adventure that seals your relationships with these people.

Before I get too emotional, I’ll share these photos to give you a glimpse, a glimpse, on what to expect, because again, not even all these photos summed up can share what it’s really like to be spelunking the Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves. Enjoy..

















During these moments when one slip could literally kill you, it is of great importance to note the people, risking nothing less than their own lives, who held your hand and kept you safe.

I’ll forever thank God these girls.


To adventures and friendships..

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