Wonder Scarf

I don’t know what happened but I woke up one day already in love with scarves. I look at my closet as the pile of scarves go higher until it leveled my shirt pile. My sisters start teasing me about my sudden addiction.
I think this could somehow support my point that a scarf could pull an outfit together. Sometimes a bling necklace nor a belt can’t do the trick. That’s what scarves are for, aside from the obvious fact that it makes you a little warmer during cold days.
So I wore one during our trip to Tokyo, and it’s a win-win! It is pretty and functional. It adds to the outfit, not cover it like a jacket does; Also, it’s easier to take off when it gets warmer indoors. I just think it looks more exciting, which is exactly how I feel as we checked into Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.
I really wanted to experience staying at a Disney Resort since my first visit to Hong Kong Disneyland several years back. Being a Disney hotel guest is already a dream come true; It’s a plus staying at the Alice in Wonderland Character Room.
The characters are all in the room and it’s just so fun seeing them! Thinking about the very moment I entered our room makes me relive the excitement I felt. Okay, I’ll stop now so you can enjoy the photos..





ForMe button-down top | skirt from Chimes Specialty Store | City Lady stockings | Centropelle shoes


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