Imperfect But Beautiful

I am beautiful. It’s kind of difficult to believe sometimes after seeing all the models and the celebrities looking like goddesses. It’s a cliche but we really have to grasp the thought that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and guess whose eyes matter? Well, aside from our God, it’s our own eyes.

We don’t have to look beautiful for anyone but ourselves because if we feel beautiful, we become confident and that’s what brings out our inner beauty. As what my new favorite artist, Dami Im, sang, “The skin you’re in is all you need; you wear it so perfectly.” Each of us has unique qualities and we ought to cherish it. Don’t mind the people telling you that you’re dark, short, fat, or whatever. We can never please everybody so let’s not waste our time trying to achieve the impossible.

Celebrate you, with your uniqueness and flaws. We are all beautiful, we just have to remind ourselves until we see our shining beauty..






Stay beautiful!

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