Araw ng Davao 2015

The Davaoenos just celebrated the long weekend for the 78th Araw ng Davao. There were concerts, parties, sports events, the Mutya ng Davao beauty pageant, and much more.

I usually don’t go these activities before because of my curfew. If you’ve read my posts from college, you’d know that my siblings and I have midnight curfews. Some say that the success of parents is not having to constantly look after their children and I think they discipline us to achieve that, still for our sake. That’s how much they love us.

This is why I felt a little weird when I went to the Neon Utopia Rave Party. I texted my mom when I got to the venue and I checked my phone every few minutes, only to see I have no missed calls. I’m so happy that my parents believe that after years of training, I’m finally capable of taking care of myself now, and also proud that my parents see me to be someone worthy of their trust.

So here are some photos of my first ever rave party in my hometown where we got ‘bombed’ with neon colored paint. 🙂






Happy Araw ng Davao 2015!

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