Ilocano Roots

It’s time to trace my roots! My mom is Ilocana so we spent our holy week last year in Ilocos region.
Teens, including me before, are so excited to be free from their parents and experience life independently. We would sometimes choose to go to a party than have dinner with our family. I just want to remind you that your time with them is not infinite like you think. Soon, you’d be out of your parents’ house and you’d wish you could still stay with them. It is when you live on your own that you finally realize that family time is a treasure. Every second with them is an irreplaceable wealth.
So I was really excited for this trip because the whole family’s going – including my brother-in-law and my niece. After a few years living alone, I really cherish moments I spend with them. And this time, we’re all off to Ilocos!























Cheers to family..

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