Quality Over Quantity

It’s been a while since my last post and I blame myself for it. I believe I somehow overestimated myself and ended up struggling. 🙂

I decided to really take a challenge and drown myself with classes. I continued my Interior Design studies, took the second part of the Furniture Design Workshop, joined the Lighting Design Competition Workshop, enrolled the ALE (Architecture Licensure Exam) review course, and reviewed for the Master Plumber Licensure Exam.

My professor said all the stress could cause my death. I was doing so many things that I didn’t know which one to focus on. I read review books then stopped to relax and by that I mean, make my design assignments. Reading isn’t a tedious thing for me but when I’m so loaded with terms and information, my right brain wants to cope and draw away. I was stressed not because I needed to do a lot of things but because I thought I wasn’t doing well in all those things.

I usually take at least a month to come up with a design assignment I’m actually happy with. With three design subjects all at the same time, I couldn’t even focus on one. I submit works that I know could still be improved. There is also a constant tug-of-war between review tests and rendering assignments, which results to mediocre scores and plates. Nothing was in a good state, not one plate nor one review exam was to be proud of.

That was when I finally understood ‘quality over quantity’. A few weeks before the master plumber exam, I didn’t attend classes – both school and ALE review. The last few weeks of school, I skipped review classes and did all my requirements, each with adequate attention. I embraced the idea that in order to succeed in something, I have to wrap myself with it. I have to live in a world of plumbing or be in a universe of conceptual design. I have to let go of other things to be able to ‘spend quality time’ with the things I want to achieve. True enough because now I’m a registered master plumber and a dean’s lister at SoFA. I really can’t believe it and I’m so happy.

I’m trying to hold up this discipline towards my new goal. I’m now swimming in a water of architecture, gasping for air every once in a while so I don’t become crazy. Writing this blog is actually a breather that I, unfortunately, have to end because the books are starting to call my name.

so proud to be a lady plumber 🙂



Until next time!

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