SoFA Meet & Greet

These are some photos from the September 2014 SoFA Meet and Greet..
I was super excited to share my experiences as a student, but extremely nervous as well. I think it’s easier to sing in front of an audience than talk to them. haha. 🙂 I guess I was also really nervous because I was infront with great people like Toby (our very philosophical dean that I really look up to), Denise (our department head who could like talk about history, even answer ambush questions, without notes), Ms. Amina (one of the school’s founder and I really wanna be like her because she’s so sophisticated and graceful), and Alyssa (a very inspiring and witty lady who seems to be having so much fun in her life, and she has done so much already at 24!!!)
Anyway, I’m not used to super red lips but we were encouraged because I was taught that statement lips make your audience wanna listen to you, soooo.. Good thing the school has a big tub of lipsticks because I only brought lip gloss. haha. 🙂
this one’s taken after the event.. it was redder. :))
during the presentation briefing


wee! me.. :))


present for the “speakers”

I really am super proud of myself here.. I know I may sound crazy to some but this is just something new to me and I always celebrate new things that come into my life no matter how simple it may seem to others.. We have to be grateful even for the smallest things, right?

Oh, and this is what I wore.. We have to wear black. Good thing I bought this dress months before hoping I’d be able to wear it someday. 🙂



I felt so demure in school with red lipstick and the cutout dress talking with graceful people but I was back to my normal self when I got home. haha. 🙂

SheInside dress | Parisian shoes



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