Early Morning Trips

Airline promos are everywhere these days but most of the flights are scheduled more or less midnight. Sad right? But at least it’s cheaper. 🙂

Before, whenever I get flight schedules like that, I usually wear my pajamas under a pretty cardigan or pambahay top with basketball shorts and a jacket. Yep, looks acceptable at the airport where most people would be sleeping anyway. But I realized that I don’t look appropriate the moment I step out of the arrival airport at about 7 or 8am. haha. Since then, I include the airport days in my what-to-bring planning.
This is what I wore to the Anniversary Weekend we had in Singapore when we were on our way to the airport going home. I still got my for-indoors-only tank on but everything else looked better. 🙂 Btw, that luggage in the photo is my fave. All my luggage bags are pink but I think that’s the prettiest pink. 😉


What do you usually wear at airports? 🙂
Cotton On tank | Cache Cache cardigan | Aeropostale skirt | Figliarina sandals | Claire’s bag

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