Hand-Embroidered Skirt

Sometimes we go to the mall not planning to buy anything and yet when we see one fab piece on in the window, we just can’t help but buy it. Some things are just irresistible!

I got a skirt from Guess which is hand-embroidered. The details are so amazing and knowing it’s handmade impresses me. Doubtful at first but I still ended up walking out the store with it and became s favorite since.. 🙂

Unfortunately, because of it’s noticeable details, I can’t wear it often.. I could still count the times I’ve worn it but still worth it because I get compliments each time.. You’ll never go wrong with one-of-a-kind stuff! :))

What’s your fave one-of-a-kind? :))

Bluezoo top | Guess skirt | Alberto sandals | Esprit bag | jewelries from Guess

Angel ♥

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