A Birthday Surprise

I’m finally back and I just celebrated my 23rd birthday. :))

All these years, I’ve never celebrated a birthday without my family.. I thought this year’s the first. I am more than 600 miles away from home busying myself with so many things while my parents and family are well, busy as always. I couldn’t fly to Davao for my birthday and they couldn’t fly here so I planned January 31st with some friends – Ren and Des. At first it was fine, I was fine. However, as my birthday neared, I became depressed and I don’t know, just felt weird.

My birthday week came. I was excited to have my friends come over for the weekend but I was still unhappy. Something was really missing. I tried overeating – something I do when I’m depressed – and even tried retail therapy – a more expensive way of trying to make myself happy. But still, I’d arrive home still yearning for something. I didn’t have an idea what I really need until a friend told me that I was longing for my family for  my birthday. I realized she was right. I need my family. I was so sad until I got a call from my sister. She was coming over for the weekend with our mom!! What a surprise. Everything became lighter.

It was the 30th. I planned to meet my visitors – four of them – at the airport. I was already with Des, waiting for Ren at the arrival hall when suddenly, someone hugged me from the back. Someone taller with heavy arms. It was my dad! I was so happy that he actually came. He had told me that he was going to a few trips to visit some projects. He flew in from Zamboanga to surprise me.

One of the several things I’m proud about my dad is that he never misses an event in our family – birthdays, graduations, anniversaries. No matter where or how busy he is, he always finds a way.

Most of my family were there with me with my closest friends. I thought this year would be my saddest birthday ever but it didn’t turn out that way. It became one of the most memorable birthdays I had. It’s just sad that my sister, my brother-in-law, and my ever beloved niece weren’t there. It could have been the best by far. Bright side, more potential for better birthdays for the years to come. haha.

One thing we should never forget is that family is very important. We may not realize it but they give us the greatest happiness in life.

Angel ♥

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