The Beach

A person’s lifetime is composed of countless situations. You, in your situation at this very moment sums up all the situations in your past. All the efforts you gave, the hardwork you did, the mistakes you decided to learn from. A certain situation could be very very stressful but you should never give up no matter how tired you are.

I understand that at one point, or even more than once, we break down and can’t help but cry. There are so many things that the universe demands from us in every aspect – school, work, family, friends – that we are more than willing to satisfy and because of all the effort we give, we get tired. Instead of drowning ourselves from the exhaustion, we have to think. Why are we doing all these?
Remember, no one ever gives anything for something or someone unimportant. Never forget that we have reasons for doing everything that we’re doing. When you get to the point where you think you have no choice but to give up, look for that reason deep in your heart and in your mind, that reason which made you keep going for so long. When you found it, hold on to it and drain all the tiredness that you feel.
Give yourself some time off – a few hours, a day, or if you could, a week. Get rid of all the tiredness inside you and forget that you have given so much effort in the past. Look for ‘reset’.
I remember myself spending some alone time at the 5th or 7th floor in school looking out to the Davao gulf, or changing all my wallpapers – laptop, iTouch, cellphone – to beach photos, or when things get worse, going to Jade by the Sea and just sit there alone by the shore. The beach relaxes me so much. I see the waters, feel the wind, and my brain just presses that reset button for me. I am in this whole new situation – 50% to the goal but having that 100% energy to give out.
Find that ‘reset’ button. For me it’s the beach, you discover yours..
See yourself in a new situation – closer to the goal and still  with so much more to give. You may break down a hundred times before you finally succeed or before getting through whatever hardships you’re in but you’ll get through it eventually. We are allowed to cry, to be tired, but we are never allowed to give up.
To a beloved friend who’s so tired of everything going on, this is for you. Keep going, I have your back.
Through GoodTimes and bad,
Angel ♥

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