Every person in this world has dreams, has his own bucket list, and that includes me. Mine ranges from extremes – build my own castle, go bungee jumping and skydiving, ride a helicopter – to the simplest things like fly a kite and have a picnic.

I know I already went to a picnic at some point in  my life because I’ve seen old photos to prove it but I can never really remember those times. That is why during my last day in Davao for the sem break, I invited my friend to go picnicking with me.
I always imagine myself wearing a midi dress, running around a nice lawn then rest on a colorful mat with a picnic basket full of food (just like the one in the cartoon show Yogi Bear, if you still remember that). Unfortunately for me, a midi dress wouldn’t be so appropriate for the airport, especially when you’re taking the 9pm flight so I settled with a romper and wore a skirt over it. How about you, what would be your solution for such dilemma? 🙂
We had picnic in Shrine. It is actually a church compound but is really famous for picnics..






romper (worn as top) | Berbie Dolls skirt | sandals from Divisoria
Angel ♥

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