The Impossible

I recently watched the movie, The Impossible. It is about the tsunami in Thailand, based on a true story. It presents a lot of important things that people tend to forget in their lives.

The movie shows the strong love within the family, valuing each other no matter what it takes. It also shows how we, as a community, help each other to bring each to safety and to a better situation in life. What struck me most was the timing God sets in His plans.

Near the end, there’s a series of events – Henry looking for Maria in the hospital, Lucas going out to get food, and Thomas and Simon (the younger brothers) peeing outside the hospital. If Henry found Maria earlier, Lucas wouldn’t see him and wouldn’t run outside the hospital to look for him. If he wasn’t outside, his brothers wouldn’t find him. We could say that Henry’s wish is to see Maria as fast as he could but God’s plan was better. God made Henry wait for a few more minutes and then rewarded him by reuniting him not just with Maria and Lucas but with his other sons as well.

We are always told that God gives us the things we ask at His time. Most of the time, He gives us better. He has this ultimate plan of giving us more than what we asked for, not just at the right time but at the perfect time. We just have to surrender all our worries to Him, trust Him and be patient and He will not leave us in misery.

God is our father. He will never let us down. So the next time you think He has forsaken you or has punished you, don’t lose hope. He just wants you to give that little sacrifice to have something better, something you haven’t even imagined to be given to you. He wants what’s best for us. Trust that and thank Him for everything, even for the hardships you experience in life. 🙂

Angel ♥

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