The Greatest Treasure

When I first thought about living in Manila, I knew I had to give up some things and leave them in Davao. I was thinking of my clothes (because I can’t bring them all here), my oh-so-useful printer, my iHome, my car, the liberty of not doing the chores, etc.. What I never thought was that I was also leaving my family behind.

Yes, material things could give me a great deal of happiness, I won’t deny that. I never realized, though, that all these things become worthless when compared to the utility (measure of happiness, according to my economics teacher back in senior year) my family gives me.

Since I stayed here, I’ve tried dining at nice restaurants, I’ve bought little somethings, and I’ve strolled to different places. These things made me smile but all these didn’t make me as happy as I felt during the recent trip I had with my family last weekend. Being with all of them, the complete family, is a treasure I didn’t even realize to be one.

Those two days I’ve spent with them made me very very happy. Considering that I’ve been to Baguio before, that we’ve eaten once at Seven Eleven (yes, those microwavable food!), and that we’ve spent hours of travel inside the pick-up. I could really say it’s not the place you’re in, nor the food you’re eating, not even the comfort of your situation. It’s the people you’re with, and with my family, I’ve experienced a heightened feeling of joy.

However, they say all good things come to an end – like when your favorite cellphone is damaged or your favorite song faded. My family weekend was well, welcomed with a Monday – fun’s over, back to reality. They left at around 2:00 on that Monday morning and I can’t help but cry. I hated seeing them go. I guess nothing does come for free, not even happiness. The pain of goodbye is the price I pay for having them for two days. I will miss them. I don’t know when we could spend time again together, all – six and a half – of us.

To my family, if ever you dropped by and read this, I love you. ♥

Angel ♥

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