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I was planning to go to the mall after work to buy a few things. Unfortunately, rain started to pour about 5:00 in the afternoon. This is my second experience of rain here in Manila since I started working almost a month ago.

Rain was pouring harder as the hours go by and by 7pm, it was all stormy. I have no choice but to take my usual transportation going home – tricycle. Trikes here in this area are like taxis, they have this ‘special trip’ where you pay twice the usual fare and the trike’s yours. This is why it is very difficult to find one even on a normal sunny day.

I spent about 15-20 minutes outside the office gate waving my hands..wait. I was waving my ARMS to every tricycle that passed by. I was all wet when I finally got a ride home. The last time I was this soaked under the rain was during a vacation out of town at a friend’s place and I could still remember how I enjoyed that night. The rain was my source of fun, very different from this night. I almost cried feeling sorry for myself. I don’t get to experience this in Davao. The worst that could happen is running about 20 meters to get to my car.

I thought of the people I see in Davao waiting for transportation. I felt sorry for them, needing to outrun everyone else when a jeepney or a taxi stops over. I never felt how difficult they’re through until now that I experience their struggle myself. Fighting against strong winds, heavy rain and other commuters isn’t an easy thing. It needs so much patience or else you’d end up crying.

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