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They say dreams are free, but when yours come with a price, pay up and make it worth it.
Life on a Budget

Tonight is my 5th night here in Manila after the trip I had with my family in Bataan. The last time I’m in Davao was 3 weeks ago.. All those days, I stayed at a budget hotel near the airport.

Just today, I found my temporary home. It is less costly than the hotel, both in accommodation and transportation. A six-day stay in the hotel could pay for my whole month in this unit I’m renting. Also, I’d need at least a hundred pesos to go to work from the hotel while here, my workplace is just a tricycle away. Win-win!

Moving in isn’t that easy this time. I remember the time my family moved from Lanang to Dumoy. Everything was easy. All I did was pack up my things and everything else were taken cared of. Now that I’m on my own, I’ve forgotten a lot of things – things I didn’t realize are necessary.


You’d notice that the room is SO empty. Crazy me.. My dad wants me to move in here before he flies back to Davao tomorrow (5am flight). I thought I just needed a bed and some pillows to survive a night in this new place so I bought them after I paid the rental fees. Turns out that there is so much more to a room than the bed itself. I didn’t realize that.

Now I’m in this empty room, without an air conditioner, with just one light bulb (yes, the bathroom is SO dark..), no curtains! These are things I took for granted in Davao. Things I never thought would be important. I also realized that I need to buy trash bags for the trash can, bed linens, pillowcases, and the list goes on..

I realized, we have to be thankful even for the small things that our parents provide us because we don’t realize these little things would be much of an impact when we’re on our own.

Angel ♥

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