They say dreams are free, but when yours come with a price, pay up and make it worth it.
Life on a Budget

It’s been 10 days since my first day at work. Being away from home, I’ve done a few things I probably wouldn’t do back in my hometown.

One is eating alone. I RARELY – like once in two years – eat out alone. I have tried eating inside my car because I was hungry and my bestfriend came late for lunch. There are times I buy food then eat it somewhere secluded so no one could see me having lunch alone. Most of the time, I skip a meal simply because I don’t have someone to eat with.. However, here, away from Davao and most of my friends, I’ve eaten dinner alone a MALL. That’s pretty impressive, if you know me. I realized on the second night that it does not matter what you’re eating, what matters is the company you have. I don’t mind having my tummy filled with proben and chicken skin, Tindog-Busog style as long as I have the girls – the basketball girls – with me. I always loved Japanese food, but I guess it doesn’t taste the same without my Vanguardian friends because Karate Kid and Tokyo Tokyo didn’t make me happy for dinner. Or maybe I just missed them.. 🙁

Anyways.. Enough of the emo talk.. 🙂 Another new thing for me is..LAUNDRY. I got my first batch of laundered garments tonight. It’s an unusual feeling when all my clean clothes are in a plastic bag. Though I didn’t feel the hassle of going to the laundry, (yeah, because my lovely parents did it for me, all I did was check if nothing’s missing..) I felt excited in a way. I don’t know.. Maybe I’m overwhelmed with the changes in a fascinating way. I guess it’s the feeling of independence and freedom being alone gives me – just what I wished for.

fresh from the laundry

Doing things on your own may be difficult, REALLY difficult, but it’s fulfilling.. 🙂

Angel ♥

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