Pofta Buna Food Fest Weekend

There’s a great happening at the newest food destination in Obrero. The two-day Pofta Buna Food Fest Weekend held at Bricklane Square is a must-go for Davaoeno foodies.

I am very honored to be one of the three bloggers invited by Pofta Buna to the event. Fun within the square went up a few notches on June 15-16 because of the people ready to fill their tummies with yumminess.

Everything’s prepared.. The venue, the various food, and the food lovers!!

creative utensil-decorations
The colorful, fun dining place
enjoying great food




Everyone can’t wait to dig into great great food! The food fest has a lot to offer – sausage, pasta, burger, cookies and pastries, authentic chocolate, desserts, barbecue, and more!!
food fest participants


always happy to serve

Various food were served during the Pofta Buna Food Fest.

Hero Sausages


The Chicken Kitchen


Hollywood Burgers


from Hollywood Burgers
I Love Mousse
I LOVE Mousse Products
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge Desserts


fresh, authentic chocolate from Sikwate!
Mr. TexMex
Sweets by Paulina Rodriguez
cupcakes and cookies by Paulina Rodriguez

All these food are amazing!! I get to try a lot of food, thanks to the complimentary gift certificates Pofta Buna gave me. Yey! Thank you!! :)) These are the selection that excited the food lover in me:

Iced Authentic Chocolate from Sikwate!
Cookie in a Cookie from Chocolate Fudge
Chicken Barbecue Rice from The Chicken Kitchen


decorated cookies from I LOVE Mousse
The Food Fest showcased great food, from the timeless Filipino faves like the Barbecue to the creatively presented Nachos to the new Bagnetian Kitchen. Pofta Buna did a really wonderful job and I’ll be looking forward to more of their events!
Next time you hear a food festival organized by Pofta Buna, never forget to visit because they will never fail giving you a variety of great GREAT food.

Angel ♥

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