Enchanted River

Hi! I’m back with another great destination in Surigao del Sur.


I really don’t know what’s the story behind the name or if it is really a river or whatever. All I know is that it is a must-go when you visit Surigao del Sur. It is in Hinatuan, no hassle. Just ask anyone, yes, anyone, and they’ll surely point you the right way. Even the residents in Surigao go here for an outing so expect a lot of people during the weekends!

When we arrived at the place, I admit, I was a little disappointed. Why? Well, because there was nothing special seeing the cottages and tables, I didn’t even take out my camera. However, when you go down to the river (yes, there’s a stairway down), you will be greeted with this view.

oh-so-blue waters

This gives a very different feel from the cottages. Looks so refreshing, right? Well, it IS refreshing! The water’s cold, and obviously so clear!

I did a research about this place before we went to Surigao. I read at a website somewhere that this river, instead of having gravel underneath, has LIMESTONE. Yes, maybe that explains the cleanliness and the clarity of the water.

The river is very tempting that I couldn’t help but take a dip. I hurriedly went back to our cottage, took my camera, run back to the river and SPLASH! The water have the perfect temperature, not warm, not too cold, just perfect. One thing I haven’t realized is its depth! How foolish of me. The bluer the water, the deeper. Good thing I was a good swimmer. self-praise? haha.

underwater photo

I’ve heard professional divers have been here trying to measure how deep this river is, but they left unsuccessful. It took them a long while but still, they haven’t reached the river floor. Is that what it’s called? I’m not sure. haha.

my sister, photographed underwater
my dad on his way into the BLUE river

To those not fond of waters too deep, no worries. The river has this shallow part where you could walk around the place. That’s where couples play with water and older people chat.

the shallow area seen at the farther part of the photo

Whenever I see amazing views like this, my hands automatically presses that Panorama button and captures the view before my eyes.

See that stairway at the left side of the photo, near that is a very mysterious underwater cave. At least that’s how I see it. haha. I think a lot of people have already tried to enter the cave because the management have already placed a sign that said going inside is prohibited.

I tried to look for the best photo that could show you the cave but unfortunately, this is the best that I got. haha. The photo was taken mid-tide so it’s a little covered but later that afternoon, the ‘entrance’ was a little more obvious.

my sister and my cousins near the cave

Have I mentioned that the current is so strong, especially near the cave? It gave me creeps because I felt like the water is pushing me into the cave. Oh no!

When you’re tired of fighting the current, you could go relax and avail of the island hopping experience that they offer. It would show you that the place you’re swimming is indeed a river. Or maybe I’m the only one who doubts that. It’s just that the place is so secluded and so close to the mountains I kinda doubt it actually is a river.

To start your the island hopping, you have to walk along ramps, still with the view of the river. The shallow area is seen better in this photo.

on the way to the boats


the boats


view from the ‘boat terminal’

The island hopping is a totally different experience to that of the river so I’m reserving it for another post. So, til then..


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