Tea Amo

My quest for finding the best milk tea place continues..

Tea Amo
G/F Sanny Sweets Bldg., Tionko Avenue
I found this place because of a friend’s recommendation. And when you tell me a milk tea place, I never fail to go there. haha.
So.. After morning practice, my all-time buddy and I went to Tea Amo. We arrived there a few minutes before 1pm, their opening time. Good thing they were early that they could accommodate us already! Yey. Good news, because some places would let you wait outside until they really open.
The place is great. I know nothing really looks grand along Tionko Street but when you step inside Tea Amo, it separates you from the ‘outside world’.. Really! Such a great place. It made me feel like I’m at a countryside, I’m actually waiting for Taylor Swift or Jewel to sing songs at the next table!



wall for the tea-goers


your personal nook 🙂 .. look at that lovely clock!



the cute bear :))
Get what I mean?? Such a LOVELY place! It’s very much different to the environment outside. If I could just stay longer.. I had to leave because I had to fetch my sister at the airport. 🙁
Anyways, around the place are nice reads, magazines of all types. Waiting isn’t hard to do with a great mag. As if you have to wait long! Naah. The service is fast, really. I was just on the 4th or 5th page and voila, my Royal Earl is ready! :))
I like the different covers
Too forgetful of me. I forgot to take a photo sideways, now you can’t see what is inside. 🙁
One remarkable thing here is that you get to choose how they make your tea. I remember ordering a milktea somewhere else.. I liked the drink itself, what bothered me is that it had BEANS! I hate beans. So bye-bye drink. Won’t be ordering it again.
Here in Tea Amo, you get to choose your tea, then choose what sinkers – either coconut jelly, pearls, coffee jelly, and a lot more, and choose the sweetness level! Yes, they make you tea just the way you like it! Amazing, right??
They have a variety of teas and pastries you could choose from, fast service, smiling people and a really lovely place with WiFi. What more could you ask for. I’m loving this place already. I wish I don’t have practice daily so I could go here everyday!


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