The Jumpsuit

I actually don’t have outfit photos for this. I just looked for photos on my travel album so.. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo.

This was taken at the drop-off area of Dream Hotel at Bangkok, Thailand.

The jumpsuit I’m wearing isn’t supposed to be worn that way. The mannequin at the Black Sheep wore it with the straps on, making the length to be just about my knees. I wore it differently because I feel awkward with the straps. Solution? I wore it over a shirt, hiding the straps, pulling it down to my ankles. I like it better this way. haha.

All those and tada! A city-walking-ready outfit for a historical/architectural tour. :))

I’d be posting a few travel photos soon. More photos are on my facebook profile. To make it easier for you, I placed a badge at the right side! Go check it out. 🙂 til next post..

Blacksheep Jumpsuit | Kamiseta shirt | Ipanema flip-flops | Accessorize tote

Angel ♥

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